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The Edwards Farmers’ Market is currently accepting FULL TIME and PART TIME vendor applications for Summer, 2014. To apply, submit an application found below. For additional information, please contact us via an email to tdobrez@coolradiollc.com, or call Tom 708-267-4540.

Applications are due before December 31, 2013 to be considered.

2014 Edwards Farmers Market Application

Are you Looking for a Great Farmers’ Market to sell your Product(s)?

The Edwards Farmers’ Market is in its eighth season and has firmly established itself as the Vail Valley locals’ market for full time residents and second homeowners. Some of the finest growers and food vendors in Colorado already participate in the Edwards Farmers Market, but we’re still looking for a few more, especially:
Coffee Beans
Colorado Wine
Jams & Preserves

If you’re interested and would like more information, please send an email to tdobrez@coolradiollc.com with a description of the product(s) you would like to sell. Also, please include how you learned of the Edwards Farmers’ Market.

2014 Edwards Farmers Market Application

To: Potential Vendors for the Edwards Farmers’ Market

The Edwards Market is an old-fashioned farmers’ market, focusing on farm and food products. Non-food vendors are not being accepted! Almost all of our customers are locals and second homeowners. They are health conscious and are looking for fresh, natural and/or organic products. Many customers are now doing most of their weekly food shopping at the Edwards Market and are leaving with 3+ shopping bags full of the freshest and highest quality Colorado fruits, vegetables and gourmet specialty foods. Parking is so convenient that some customers make multiple trips to their vehicles to deposit a case of juicy Palisade peaches or Olathe sweet corn or several bags of farm fresh vegetables and then return to make more purchases.

There is no deadline to submit an application, but most of our 2010 vendors are returning so there are only a few fulltime spaces available for new vendors. Once they’re gone, that’s it. Our policy is to increase product variety while trying to keep competition between vendors to a minimum. Our customer surveys demonstrated a growing loyalty to the Edwards Market. Additionally, many new customers told us they were referred to the Edwards Market by their friends or neighbors, who were already regulars at our market. The Edwards Market is the locals’ supermarket. Here locals can find freshly-made gourmet foods and tasty produce that was picked ripe just hours before instead of flavorless produce that was picked green a week ago and shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles.

For those unfamiliar with the community of Edwards, it’s growing rapidly and is already the largest population center in Eagle County. It also has one of the highest household incomes in Colorado. The Edwards Farmers’ Market is located in Edwards Corner at the town’s major business intersection and has two hundred free on-site customer parking spaces. In addition to Edwards locals, residents from nearby Arrowhead, Avon, Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, Cordillera, Eagle, Eagle-Vail, Gypsum, Minturn, Singletree and even Vail have become regulars.

The market fee is $600 for a 10X10 full time tent space which works out to a little more than $40 per day or $75 per Saturday for a part time space. There is no additional percentage fee and no town sales tax, but there is an Eagle County sales tax of 1.5%.

If you’re interested in becoming a fulltime vendor in a great locals’ market, please complete our Fulltime application below and submit it with a $200 deposit for each tent space you want to reserve. If you’re accepted, your deposit becomes non-refundable and the remaining fee is due by March 31, 2014. If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be returned. Keep in mind that there are only a few fulltime spaces available for new vendors. The 2011 Edwards Farmers’ Market runs every Saturday from mid-June to mid- September (June 14 – Sept 15). The hours of operation are a comfortable 9:30am to 1:30pm.


If you have any questions, please email tdobrez@coolradiollc.com or call 708-267-4540 and ask for Tony for more information.

2014 Edwards Farmers Market Application

For questions and additional information (e.g. maps) contact:

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