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1. All vendors are required to have tents or approved umbrellas with adequate weights: either 10 X 10 or 8 X 8 or multiples thereof. No products, signs or equipment are to be placed outside the vendor’s tent(s). All farm and food products must be displayed on tables. The name of the business and prices must be displayed somewhere on or in the tent.

2. Only products listed on your application and approved in advance by Market organizer may be sold.

3. Vendors who use any kind of open flame or electricity are required to have an operating ABC fire extinguisher available and visible in their tent(s).

4. Electric hookups are limited and are only available in certain tent locations. If you need electricity to operate critical equipment, make a note on your application. Efforts will be made to provide a hookup, but it may not be possible and you may have to provide your own generator. If available, there may be an additional charge of $10 per day for electrical hookups.

5. The market opens at 9:00am. This means all vehicles must be removed from the Market area no later than 8:45am. Setup for large trucks/trailers is before 8:30am and after 8:30am for everyone else. Late arrivals may be reassigned to an outlying space or denied access. Vendors are to be fully operational until sales end at 1:30pm and are not to begin closing up until the market closes at 1:30pm. Vehicles are not to enter the market until 1:45pm..

6. Vendors are required to follow the Market’s more detailed operating rules!

7. Vendors who fail to participate two Saturdays or who fail to provide adequate notice for any absence may be reassigned to a less desirable space or have their participation suspended or terminated by the organizer, without a refund.

8. The organizer reserves the right to deny space to any vendor that, in the organizer’s sole opinion, does not fit the Edwards Market or that competes with Edwards Corner merchants. The organizer also reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling similar products.

9. The organizer prefers products that are grown, processed or produced in Colorado by the selling vendor. Any products not grown, processed or produced in Colorado must clearly show their origin.

10. All food vendors must be approved by the Eagle County Health Department must have the appropriate permits and must follow the Health Dept’s rules.

11. All vendors must have a valid Colorado Sales Tax License.

12. All vendors are required to carry adequate liability insurance. Proof of insurance or additional insured certificates may be required.

13. These Market rules may be changed from time to time by the organizer. Failure to follow any rule(s) may result in vendor(s) being fined or dropped from the market, with all paid fees and deposits forfeited.

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